Who we are

Núcleo Berlin is a group of women who have made it their mission to promote the integration of Brazilian immigrants in the German capital. We understand that learning the language and the local culture are important steps towards integration, and we want to incorporate into our lives the best that this city can teach us.

We want to engage immigrants and support the integration of women to make the process of change easier and more enjoyable. Our goal is to encourage and welcome through female protagonists, contributing to the local initiatives of already existing projects and also to disseminate and support the production of quality content.

The group was founded in 2021 and today we are more than 20 volunteers who dedicate part of their time to different causes: Communication, Culture, Education, Health, Sustainability, etc.

We are just beginning and our doors are open to anyone who believes in our mission and wants to join us on this journey. Together we are stronger!

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